5 Tips For Moving During Coronavirus in Idaho

5 Tips For Moving During Coronavirus in Idaho Falls

While it may be best to stay in place, putting off a move during a pandemic it isn’t always possible. We’ll share 5 tips for moving during coronavirus in Idaho to help keep you and your family safe.

DIY or Use The Pros?

Just as difficult as the decision may have been to move at this time, the choice of who will actually move you can be just as tough. By moving yourself, you won’t have to be concerned about your belongings carrying illness into your new home. For many moving on their own is not feasible so should you decide to work with a mover, here are some tips for using a moving company during coronavirus in Idaho. Meeting you halfway in the moving process, there are companies which offer to bring a storage container to you to pack yourself, while they handle the actual transport. If you’ve decided to use the services of a traditional professional mover, you’ll want to ask about the policies they have in place, such as the use of masks, gloves and other protective gear. Share with the movers when you reach out to them if anyone in your household has been ill in order that they can be properly prepared.

Get the Proper Gear

It may be worth the expense of using new boxes, to ensure that they haven’t been exposed to any virus. In order to keep healthy during your move, take a look at these tips for safety while moving during coronavirus in Idaho. Clean items carefully as you pack, ensuring you’ll get off to a great start once you’ve unpacked. Be prepared for being on the road, have masks, hand sanitizer, and spray sanitizers are a good start. Bring along any other protective gear that you may need given the current mandates in place when and where your move occurs.

Get Informed

Keeping others aware of your plans is another tip for moving during coronavirus in Idaho. Should you be relocating into a high density community, or moving from one, such as a condo with indoor hallways to the front entry, you’ll want to ask about the policies of the condominium. Specifically, ask if they can notify your neighbors of the date of your move so that they can make any preparations necessary to keep safe distances. If you’ve been renting, ask about the steps to drop off keys, how they plan to perform inspections, and their safety precautions if you must be present .

Downsize a Bit

Another tip for moving during coronavirus in Idaho is to consider having the movers drop off everything inside a garage or front room, and you can take it from there. This minimizes having your new home exposed to other people as much as possible. Also, consider lightening the load. Let’s face it, the more belongings you have, the more you’re going to be moving from the central location into the proper rooms. Downsizing the amount of the load will also cost less, as you pay for the movers’ manhours, the size of the moving truck, and the fuel to fill it. If you’re moving to another state, consider donating your foodstuffs to a local pantry and restock with fresh supplies in your new home. Because of the costs of moving, especially long distances, carefully consider if you have possessions that you could donate or sell. Plus you can get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve help someone in need during these challenging times.

Prepare for Arrival

Due to the changes in how business is done, you’ll want to consider these tips for moving during coronavirus in Idaho. Make certain you’re aware of the current mandates regarding masks and any other pertinent information you may need to be aware of regarding COVID19. Reach out to the schools that your children will be attending as early as possible. This way you can prepare for any of the gear or testing your children will need to attend school. You’ll also want to handle as much business online as possible, and make an appointment to register in person if required.  If you’re moving out of state, consider setting up your new services well in advance and you’ll want to know their policies should any technician need to enter your new space. Additionally, appointments to change over your driver’s license and other documents should be made well in advance, as most states no longer allow you to simply walk into their offices.

While we can’t cover all of the precautions you can take to protect yourself and your family here, we understand your concerns. We’re more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and share even more tips for moving during coronavirus in Idaho. To learn more about how we can help you, send us a message or call Brady Buys Houses at (208) 856-6826 today!

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