5 Difficulties Homeowners are Facing When Trying To Sell Their Idaho Homes During Coronavirus

5 Difficulties Homeowners are Facing When Trying To Sell Their Idaho Falls Homes During Coronavirus

With coronavirus and a strained economy, there are many difficulties homeowners are facing when they want to sell. Considering selling your house during a global pandemic can be more than a little concerning. If you find yourself in just this situation, you will want to pay very close attention to these 5 difficulties homeowners are facing when trying to sell their Idaho homes during coronavirus.


Both pre and post showing cleaning precautions must be taken during COVID-19 for your own health and that of anyone who walks through your house. Let’s face it, all the time and extra work involved in disinfecting every surface can become tiresome to sellers. Not only is it an added burden on you, but you may also have to trust the buyer’s agent to be just as careful cleaning everything as you would be after in-person showings when you’re not home.  Having your home listed on the MLS is always feels invasive, but during this pandemic it also feels like a very real health risk. Keeping their families safe is one of the scariest difficulties homeowners are facing when trying to sell their Idaho homes during coronavirus


Due to the fast-paced changes in demand in the real estate industry, many agents find themselves overwhelmed. Without being on top of today’s technology and lacking the ability to make full use of digital tools, they fall behind when attempting to meet the marketing demands and strategies to bring buyers to your door – especially buyers who do not feel comfortable visiting homes in person. Being poorly marketed on the internet can literally be the difference between your home selling or sitting on the market. If your agent is utilizing all of the technology available, the your marketing costs go up and you can be certain that you will be covering all of the expenses in their marketing plan. Homeowners are facing a heavy demand for online virtual tours and technologically savvy marketing when trying to sell their Idaho homes during coronavirus

Lack of Interest

Buyer’s priorities and demands in housing have evolved along with many other aspects of our lives affected by the disease. With the dynamics changing not only in living arrangements created by the economic downfall but in the homeschool revolution making more space imperative. Add in either one or more of the adults in the household working from home, which will require quiet space and you can begin to see the picture, the more space available the better. There are fewer larger homes on the market, as the previous trend was in downsizing. This is a problem many homeowners are now facing when trying to sell their Idaho homes during coronavirus. Likewise, if someone is moving during this time, it’s likely they are in need of a ready-to-move-in dwelling. You may be feeling extreme pressure if you are in a position where you can not afford repairs or maintaining your home. With new cases of COVID-19 surging just as the typical winter slowdown comes in Idaho this could be a very difficult time for home sellers.

Cancellations and Delays

As changes to the rules governing lending, foreclosures, and evictions continue to evolve, it’s imperative to keep on top of the latest developments that have negatively impacted real estate transactions by causing delays. Many prospective buyers have lost their jobs or seen a reduction in hours and income that are impacting their ability to qualify for financing causing home sales to fall through at the last minute – often after the house has been under contract for months. This forces home sellers to go through the whole process over again with a new prospective buyer. Multiple delays are another of the difficulties homeowners are facing in trying to sell their home during COVID-19. As potential buyers face ever-changing challenges which can also cause cancellations, sellers continue to lose deals and have to start again from scratch, when trying to sell their Idaho homes during coronavirus.


Last but not least, people are facing high levels of stress from living through a unique time in history and dealing with the moment to moment changes. Just imagining that groups of people will be going through your own home can also be extremely disquieting, especially under the looming threat of the serious illness which COVID-19 can become. In most cases, moves are happening due to job loss or hardships from the illness itself, which can be devastating during the best of times. Should there be delays in your home selling, while you are being forced by circumstances to carry out the move, it can mean up to double your usual expenses or more. All of this with no guarantee of a timeline until you finally have a closed sale and cash in hand. The weight on your shoulders is magnified when trying to sell their Idaho homes during coronavirus. 

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