5 Signs of a Bad Idaho Real Estate Agent

5 Signs of a Bad Idaho Falls Real Estate Agent

Typically, real estate agents honorably perform their professional duties. However, sellers like you become just a number when an agent focuses on their own profit instead of fulfilling their fiduciary duty to you. Read on to discover five of the signs of a bad Idaho real estate agent.

Failure to Maintain Confidentiality

A fiduciary relationship in real estate includes a buyer or seller, referred to as the principal, in a signed contract with an agent. A licensed professional real estate agent has both a legal and moral obligation to hold your best interest at the forefront of all actions. An agent has intimate knowledge of your financial and personal information. The temptation to leverage data for their betterment in a transaction exists, such as revealing your details to the buyer, providing them with power at the negotiating table to get the sale. Sadly, some agents have a focus that is purely about money, and while we all work to earn a living, a real estate agent is breaking the law should they fail to act ethically, which is most definitely a sign of a bad Idaho real estate agent.

Don’t Answer the Phone

Communication is essential to success, especially in real estate sales. Are your calls or questions going unanswered? If so, you can be confident that managing phone calls will be optional with every client and professional the agent encounters.  It is not a great leap of the imagination to assume that interested buyers are probably getting no reply to inquiries. This lack of responsiveness is a glaring warning sign of a bad Idaho real estate agent, and you would be better off without their assistance.  At Brady Buys Houses, we keep in touch and are here for you all the way! At Brady Buys Houses, we always welcome all of your questions and calls because they help us best guide you. 


While showings can be a real pain, the deafening silence as you wait day by day for the right buyer can be excruciating, especially as days turn into months. Are there excuses for why your listing isn’t getting any action, even when your agent has charged you exorbitant marketing fees for photographers and staging as a part of your contract? It is much more likely you are dealing with disorganization or complete apathy about essential business matters.  Showing up late to meetings, failing to follow through on marketing your listing, or missing important deadlines can be extremely costly and is an enormous sign of a bad Idaho real estate agent.


Your real estate agent shouldn’t leave you feeling as if you are handling your real estate deal all alone after you agreed list with them. It takes dedication, time, and expertise, and an expense account for a pro to coordinate everything it takes to sell what is most likely your most valuable asset, your home. Either the agent is irresponsible or lacks the training and most up-to-date technical applications or the financial means to do their job correctly; this is another sign of a bad Idaho real estate agent.


SOME agents are driven by greed and are just after the commission. They do not care about the client or if your needs are met and may present themselves as having specialized in the market of higher-end properties. They may even have properties of other agents showing in their ads to mislead sellers and get a listing. If an agent makes promises that seem too good to be true or embellishes his or her experience, that is definitely is one sign of a bad Idaho real estate agent. It is easy to check how many listings they currently have and what sites they are on and verify their background, just as you would when hiring any professional.

Why not avoid learning these and other signs of a bad Idaho real estate agent for yourself? 

Brady Buys Houses does not charge commissions. It is our driving passion at Brady Buys Houses to find real solutions for your problems. We always put you first! Our goal is to help you meet your immediate financial needs while helping you earn the highest profits from the sale. Whether the best sales method for you is a traditional listing or direct sale to Brady Buys Houses, based on your circumstances. We will lay everything out from each method to help you make the best decision. And what we offer is what you receive because we don’t have any hidden fees to surprise you with at closings, either. At Brady Buys Houses, we pay cash and will close when it’s convenient for you. You can rely on the experienced professionals at Brady Buys Houses. Send us a message or call Brady Buys Houses at (208) 856-6826 today to learn more.

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